Haunted By Jodi Valentin’s New Single Ghost

Fri Aug 14 2020

If you’re in the mood for an upbeat catchy synth-pop this summer then head to Jodi Valentin’s Ghost. It’s a song that wouldn’t be out of place in a coming of age / Rom-Com film (I’m thinking 1987 film Mannequin featuring Kim Cattrall or more recently Jennifer Garner’s 13 Going On 30) with its fun […]

Premiere: Eleri Ward Releases The Life-affirming Song Do Yourself A Favour

Fri Jul 24 2020

“Self-love should be a dance party” Eleri Ward releases the life-affirming song Do Yourself A Favour. It takes you on a journey of emotions through various genres creating a rollercoaster effect. The song starts with a mellow vibe and dreamy synths layered with ethereal vocals. Momentum builds as we are led into a retro dance-pop […]

ALITA Sparkles In Her New Music Video Bodies

Thu Jul 16 2020

ALITA literally sparkles in her new music video Bodies as her lips are adorned with star-shaped sequins. A bouncy synth-pop track. Bodies, shimmers with an intoxicating melody and silky vocals. ALITA did a stellar job of creating the visuals “quarantine style“. With a simple premise and playful feel, the song shines through. “I’m almost always […]

We Can’t Get Enough Of PELA And Their New Single Reverie

Sat Jul 11 2020

PELA’s new single Reverie displays an electro vibe during the verses which give off a dark edge yet surprise us with a memorable, pop-friendly, radio-ready chorus. We have been thrown back to the noughties when the “Ooh La La” Synth-Pop band Goldfrapp was taking over the charts with a similar sound to PELA’s on Reverie. […]


Wed Jul 01 2020

Enter OOT by TATYANA reminiscent of 80’s electro-pop filled with shimmering synths that surreptitiously sink into you. The cosmic instrumentals flitter in and out, feeling the gaps left by TATYANA’s enchanting vocals. Ambient feelings on the song invoke good memories within that enshrouds you in serenity. TATYANA’s new track is edgy, infectious, yet delicate. It’s hard […]

Zhero Expresses Himself In Heartfelt Song Mama

Fri Jun 26 2020

Listening to Zhero’s sound on his new single Mama, it is no wonder that the multi-talented songwriter and producer is inspired by alt-pop artists such as Lana Del Rey and Troye Sivan. He composed Mama to tell his mother about his plan to go to London and follow his dreams. Zhero incorporated 80s sounds into […]

Indulge In Reece Lemonius’ Something I Can Feel

Tue Jun 09 2020

Just give me something I can feel Reece Lemonius’ single Something I Can Feel unravels into a dreamy 80s synthpop / alt-R&B track. It is indulgent with creamy, crooning vocals. It’s a confident swagger of a song topped with alt-rock sprinkles. Taken from his new EP Midnight, Reece Lemonius describes Something I Can Feel as […]

GODFREY Is Full Of Electro Energy On Let Me.

Fri May 15 2020

Pop artist GODFREY is full of Electro energy on his new song Let Me. Although he delivers elements of current pop music, he also pays homage to innovators of Disco and soul-pop. His lyrics represent a deeper and darker meaning in comparison to the colourful, summer-emphasized music production. It’s a formula very similar to successful, […]

Seattic’s Song bit Sends You Into A Trippy Frenzy

Fri May 01 2020

Listening to Seattic’s unusually deep, New Wave-sounding voice, it is no wonder this talented, Alt-Pop musician is inspired by Post Punk acts such as The Cure. New single bit sends you into a similar, trippy frenzy like The 1975’s Frail State Of Mind did when it first dropped. bit is an acronym (Back In Town) […]

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