So Jealous By MOLI Is A Social Media Plight

by Marcus Adetola

13th April, 2020

So Jealous by MOLI is a social media plight. It is a synth-pop ballad that unapologetically brings to light the negative aspects of social media today. So Jealous highlights the way information can be perceived and the toxicity it can breed. MOLI sings in crystal clear vocals of how difficult it is to find closure in a failed relationship because of the easy accessibility of information on social media. She alludes to the conclusion that social media promotes self-destructive behaviour and existential angst.

“I think people talk a lot about social media’s impact on mental health with f.o.m.o. for instance and the feeling that everyone seems to be leading a better life then you are yet I don’t think we’ve addressed enough how easy it is nowadays thanks to these platforms to find out who your ex-partner/lover is interested in and how you can fall down such a rabbit hole imagining all sorts of scenarios with the new people he/her follows or is engaging with. It’s a very addictive bad habit that I think people are ashamed to speak out about.” – MOLI

So Jealous by MOLI is an interesting take on the evils of social media. However, in reality, social media is a double-edged sword. It has disadvantages and equally advantages too.

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