Logan Prescott's How We Wanted Is Perfect For Chilled Summer DaysI am obsessed with this tune! How We Wanted initially reminded me of an old-school 1975 track, which is ironic because this tune throws you back in time with 80’s inspired disco- sounding synthetic beats that drive it forward. It’s just so catchy, trust me!

However, the artist behind this indie-pop tune is not Matthew Healy but, Dallas-based musician, Logan Prescott. How We Wanted is a brilliant mix of smooth vocals, lo-fi synths and dreamy guitars that leave you bobbing along throughout the whole track. His retro vibes are perfect for chilled Summer days, with lyrics that have meaning without being overbearing. It’s very much a song about a dead-end relationship but, with mutual feelings involved:

I know we both think it, but we never say
It’s not quite how we want it
Doesn’t matter if you talk about it, I talk about it, yeah we know
It’s not quite how we wanted

If you like what you’ve heard, go and check out Logan’s EP, Absolutes or his singles WLN and Like You.