Premiere: Eleri Ward Releases The Life-affirming Song Do Yourself A Favour

by Lucy Lerner

24th July, 2020

“Self-love should be a dance party”

Eleri Ward releases the life-affirming song Do Yourself A Favour. It takes you on a journey of emotions through various genres creating a rollercoaster effect. The song starts with a mellow vibe and dreamy synths layered with ethereal vocals. Momentum builds as we are led into a retro dance-pop territory and then it switches up the tempo once again. Despite this, Do Yourself A Favour feels effortlessly smooth.

“I had a meltdown one day; filled with self-doubt and insecurity. So I decided to “do myself a favor” by looking at a photo of myself when I felt powerful, to remind myself of who I really am.” – Eleri Ward

Do Yourself A Favour is about learning to love yourself and we all need a reminder to do that sometimes. Eleri Ward does it in such a way it is fun as well as thought-provoking. The Chicago born, New York-based artist has released a gorgeous catalogue of genre-bending songs but she has really nailed this new single.

Put simply, I absolutely love this song. Do Yourself A Favour and check it out now.

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