Don’t Expect ASHS To Answer With Don’t Call Me

by Marcus Adetola

22th April, 2020

Singer-songwriter ASHSis back with Don’t Call Me. She released her anti love song More Than Friends, which discusses the problems with modern dating. And now she is back with a song which explores the aftermath of a relationship turned sour due to betrayal.

Don’t Call Me doesn’t sound like a sad love song as you would expect from ASHS narrative. Instead, it comes out more like an anthem:

Forever wasn’t just a suggestion
Think I’d learn my lesson
The first time You told your first lie
Sitting in the parking lot in your car getting high
When she texted you a message, said she had a good time

Your friends all knew and they all ain’t said a word
They just went on with their business, like I ain’t even hurt
Lying to my face, but I guess their fingers were crossed
Now I’m crying while I throw all of your shit in a box

Don’t Call Me displays twinkling synth-pop production and a spacious sing-along chorus. ASHS proves why she is such an in-demand songwriter (Virginia to Vegas and Bülow) and why she deserves to shine as a solo artist.
Just don’t call her….

Don’t call me I’m gone forever

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