Sun Jan 17 2021

Abra Taylor Holds You Spellbound With The Sensuous Feels Like This

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As Per Usual By TOVE Is Like A Warm Summer Breeze

Sun Jan 10 2021

As Per Usual by TOVE is like a warm summer breeze. And feeling like that during the cold depths of winter is no easy feat. Burnished instrumentals wash over you like water while limber, smooth vocals kiss your skin. The soundscape is soaked with lush, psychedelic instruments creating a shimmering and intense warmth and haziness. […]

knuckle tattoo By girlhouse Is An Intriguing Song

Thu Jan 07 2021

knuckle tattoo by girlhouse is an intriguing song. With dynamic guitar lines which wouldn’t be out of place in an ’80s coming of age rom-com, woozy vocals, and edgy rhythm, it makes its mark and leaves you wanting to check out girlhouse’s music portfolio immediately. “knuckle tattoo is a memory of being lost on the […]

Strawberry Wine Is A Potent Affair By Andrea Turk X Virgo Verse

Thu Jan 07 2021

Like its namesake, Strawberry Wine is a sweet, potent affair. One drop on your tongue sends you spinning in a haze of emotion. Andrea Turk and Virgo Verse collaborate beautifully on their new single; the rich melody combined with their bruised vocals and harmonies is intoxicating and leaves you craving your next taste. 19-year-old musician, […]

Siena Bella Drops A Dreamy New Single Walking On The Moon

Tue Jan 05 2021

Siena Bella drops a dreamy new single Walking On The Moon. She reiterates an unfeigned sentiment we especially find relatable with the ongoing pandemic. Her heartfelt and silky vocals warmingly drift on the array of dreamy instrumentals, with sincere lyrics that are profound. The song describes with honesty a sense of ineptitude that is self-caused […]

Premiere: Ella McCready Releases Debut You Saved Me

Wed Jan 13 2021

Ella McCready releases You Saved Me, a delicious soul-pop soaked debut. Succulent harmonies and jazz elements gel seamlessly with buttery vocals and tender lyrics. You Saved Me is an intimate experience as it tells the tale of lost love, “I thought you loved me baby, I think about you daily, in the back of your […]

Karl Zine Serves A Symphony Of Mesmerizing Sounds On Call It A Day

Wed Jan 06 2021

Karl Zine serves a symphony of mesmerizing sounds on Call It A Day. The new single is a brilliant fusion of electro-pop, R&B, and Jazz influences. Karl narrates a vivid tale of the complexities of a broken relationship. Although not a new subject, Karl sonically shines as he takes you through the heart-wrenching motions leading […]

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