Mon Sep 20 2021

S.O. Drops Date Night Song Want You

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Cassa Jackson Captures Hearts With Learning How To Love

Wed Sep 01 2021

Cassa Jackson is the barely-graduated singer-songwriter who is set to capture hearts the world over with her latest single, Learning How To Love. An ode to long-term relationships, Learning How To Love tackles the themes of compromise and teamwork in order to build on and make a relationship last. It’s an impressively intuitive exercise in […]

FERGUS Writes From The Heart With Leave Me Light (Acoustic)

Mon Aug 30 2021

FERGUS writes from the heart and captures those intimate real-life moments we can all relate to. In the acoustic version of Leave Me Light released via Goldun Egg Records and co-produced by Jake Gosling and himself FERGUS reflects on a morning routine as a partner leaves for work. He says, “I wrote it when we […]

Poison Is A Potent New Track From Bloke Young

Sun Aug 22 2021

Bloke Young joins the emo brigade with his potent new track Poison. Featuring a rich melodic croon and intoxicating beat, the song was produced by UK Producer JB Made It, who is known for working on Drake’s Dark Lane Demo Tapes. Bloke Young is a Canadian Singer, Producer, and Songwriter from Toronto. “The song is […]

Remsen Releases Mighty New Single BRACELETS & POLAROIDS

Sun Aug 22 2021

Introducing Remsen and his mighty new single BRACELETS & POLAROIDS. The powerhouse song is essentially about how relationships are not always the smoothest of journeys. The dynamic soundscape encapsulates hazy instrumentals and raw, emotive vocals. This is one to have on repeat and turn up loud to get the full effect. Taken from his album […]

Get Caught In A Dream With Dent By Nothing In Common

Sun Aug 22 2021

Get caught in a dream with Dent by Nothing In Common. With a shimmering soundscape and celestial vocals, the Stockholm trio reminisces about getting over a lost relationship. The blissful feeling the song exudes portrays the feeling of love, loss and heartbreak perfectly and the melody will linger long after the song has finished. The […]

Aisha Badru Lights The Way Back Home In Compelling New Single

Sat Aug 21 2021

The Way Back Home shows off Aisha Badru‘s distinctive vocals to perfection. A haunting piece of music with atmospheric acoustics and hypnotic soundscape, it embodies the idea that if you love something, set it free. The American singer-songwriter has created a compelling song with relatable lyrics and which exudes the feeling of spaciousness, trepidation and […]

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