Thu Feb 25 2021

Premiere: Nathaniel Paul Has A Choice To Make In Guns or Crosses

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Premiere: Redd Bewitches On Her New Single Middle Class Villain

Fri Feb 19 2021

Redd bewitches on her new single Middle Class Villain. It’s no easy feat for songwriters to break out of their niche and create something new every time, but Redd pulls it off with ease. Her genre-bending methods capture listeners with dramatic themes and an ambitious style.  Middle Class Villain displays Redd’s punchy lyrics and fusion […]

Premiere: Son Kuma Sets Himself Apart With Good For Life

Thu Feb 18 2021

What would you give to be Good For Life? And, what would you do? I know the first thing that comes to mind is living lavishly. However, Son Kuma plans to take a different approach ignoring the trappings. Judging by his new single, Good For Life. He flows with a selfless consideration for others while […]

JUICYPEAR Spreads A Little Joy With Keep Your Love On

Mon Feb 15 2021

Husband-wife duo JUICYPEAR is back with another infectious single Keep Your Love On. Following their 2020 single Golden Sky, we knew their future releases wouldn’t disappoint. They have found their niche in music which has a serious pull and focuses on the positive. With heavenly retro synth pads, dreamy harmonies, catchy hooks and their trademark […]

Sophia Angeles Protects Herself In Break My Own Heart

Wed Feb 17 2021

If you’re sick of seeing all the Valentine’s declarations of love, heart balloons and roses plastered on social media then the new single from Sophia Angeles is the song for you. Break My Own Heart is an anthem for single girls everywhere. Sophia’s sweet and airy vocals shine through a shimmering cloud of guitar-driven electro-pop. […]

Chin Injeti Honours Black Women With Song For The Love Of Life

Wed Feb 17 2021

Chin Injeti honours black women with the new single, For the Love of Life. It’s an inspirational track that brings to light the mistreatment of women of colour in society. The Grammy Award-winning Producer teams up with Canadian based Hip-Hop artist, Teon Gibbs, to explore these issues. The single carries a solemn feel glossed with […]

Interview With Sarah Carton As She Releases New Single Beautiful Boy

Fri Feb 19 2021

Following her stunning release Beaches On The Thames, British rising artist Sarah Carton introduces Beautiful Boy. With her distinctive vocals and spoken word, she pulls the listener into her tale about mental health in relationships. She says it’s about “that despair from wanting to help someone you love, but they’re not in a place to receive […]

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