Wed Apr 07 2021

All Points East Music Festival Returns For August Bank Holiday Weekend 2021

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Hoover Dam Is An Electric Collaboration From Charlie Jones x Òlah Bliss

Thu Apr 01 2021

The sun’s out, it’s a long weekend, so looking for that song to blast out and match your mood? Look no further than Hoover Dam by Charlie Jones featuring Òlah Bliss. The song has cross-genre appeal with a driving beat, smooth, melodic vocals and catchy lyrics. Charlie has an appealing confidence and charm on Hoover […]

Georgi Krastev Releases Exquisite New Single Light Years

Sat Mar 27 2021

Be prepared to ride an emotional journey as Georgi Krastev releases his exquisite new single Light Years. Raw, haunting, emotive – let the song envelop you in its warmth. It encompasses the feeling of a relationship coming to an end. As the song ebbs and flows, you feel the pain, the changing of feelings from […]

Karl Zine Releases The Intimate Acoustic Version Of Palomino

Sun Mar 28 2021

Karl Zine releases the stunning acoustic version of Palomino – part of an acoustic piano EP release which also includes new versions of Call It A Day and MR X. The acoustic version of Palomino strips the song back to its bare bones with an intimate nuance. Emotions flood through each note and Zine tells […]

Premiere: Sweet Company Is A Bittersweet New Song By His His

Mon Mar 29 2021

Sweet Company is a bittersweet new song by Toronto-based artist His His. Vulnerable vocals float across crisp acoustics and an intimate, tender melody. The song is bittersweet because it is about the loss of his grandmother, a prominent figure in the life of His His and how so many things and places have altered with […]

Crave Another Sip Of Coffee & Whiskey By Aryy x Cameron Sanderson

Thu Mar 25 2021

Coffee and whiskey can be potent. On one hand, you can feel invigorated, filled with warmth and elevated but too much can have the opposite effect and leave a bad taste in your mouth. And so is the labyrinth of a relationship from the good to the bad and everything complicated and torturous in between. […]

Bonze Releases The Heartfelt New Single Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)

Thu Mar 25 2021

Bonze releases the heartfelt new single Jenny (Can You Hear Me?). Starting as an intimate stripped-back piano ballad with nostalgic tones, the song soon changes direction and becomes an up-tempo electro-pop number. “Jenny (Can You Hear Me?) is a cliche and an unapologetic love song. It was written in a shed in winter. The song […]

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