Thu Nov 19 2020

Premiere: Andi Galusha Releases Expressive New Single Throw the First Stone

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Cassie Noble Releases Her Beguiling New Single So Like Me

Mon Nov 16 2020

Cassie Noble releases her beguiling new single So Like Me which features gorgeous acoustics and honest storytelling. Despite being stripped back, there are complex layers filled with emotion. So Like Me relays everyday life and the feeling of being dispirited. The song is defined more by a mood rather than with words and moves organically, […]

Christmas Without You By Olivia Deane Reminds Us Of Happier Times

Sun Nov 15 2020

Olivia Deane is back with a sultry Christmas song which is bound to get you in the mood for the festive season. Christmas Without You reminds us of happier, simpler times. The song has a strong nostalgic pull and Olivia’s sweet vocals shine like Christmas baubles. “‘Christmas Without You’ is a song I think a […]

Mr. A Is A Warm And Comforting Song From Emily Gabriel

Sat Nov 14 2020

Emily Gabriel dedicates her latest single Mr. A to her anxiety. The Tallahassee-based singer-songwriter breathes life and warmth into the song with soothing vocals and tender acoustics. It is an intimate song and highly relatable, especially during turbulent times. Mr. A is performed in such a comforting way as opposed to being filled with dark […]

Sunstone Takes You Back In Time With Thank You

Fri Nov 13 2020

Sunstone takes you back in time with Thank You. It’s a chilled-out song reminiscent of old times in a relationship, choosing to remember and appreciate the positives above the negatives. Sunstone’s warm vocals weave onto the carefree instrumentals and shine with classic R&B authenticity. Everything about Thank You puts you in a good mood and […]

JUJO x JOSHCIRI x Outlaw The Artist’s Revelation Creates A Head Rush

Fri Nov 13 2020

JUJO’s Revelation featuring JOSHCIRI x Outlaw The Artist was born to be turned up loud. Featuring an intoxicating fusion of genres it is bound to resonate as it relays the issues the pandemic has had on people around the world, “Quarantine away with monsters“. Melbourne based producer and artist JUJO has incorporated a torrent of […]

Japan By Matilda Mann Reflects The Beauty Of Simplicity

Fri Nov 06 2020

Japan, by Matilda Mann, reflects the beauty of simplicity. The song possesses a charm that tugs at your heartstrings with nostalgia. Even with the bittersweet connotation, Japan holds a special place for Matilda. Her hazy, yet emotional vocals, sit on the sweet-sounding guitar acoustics, reflecting warmth. Safe to say the least There’s not much I […]

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