We Can't Get Enough Of PELA And Their New Single ReveriePELA’s new single Reverie displays an electro vibe during the verses which give off a dark edge yet surprise us with a memorable, pop-friendly, radio-ready chorus. We have been thrown back to the noughties when the “Ooh La La” Synth-Pop band Goldfrapp was taking over the charts with a similar sound to PELA’s on Reverie. And what with the sultry and seductive vocal performance from lead singer Hannah, it’s as if Fiona Apple suddenly decided to randomly drop a trippy, dance ballad. We can’t get enough of the new Alternative Pop duo, who are doing South London proud with their authentic Club sound.

Reverie is PELA’s third offering so far, which leads us to the question – is there an album in the works? PELA’s last two singles received a warm reception from both music lovers and bloggers, and their new track is bound to receive the same response.

Does anyone else feel Reverie’s subtle sensitivity, a mood not too dissimilar to Robyn’s vulnerable emotion performed over a dance beat? Just let producer Olly’s overlapping, synth-based and emotive chord progression take over you, as all you Londoners prepare for next week’s gorgeous, Summer heatwave. Reverie is without a doubt one of the most Psychedelic floor-fillers of 2020 so far.