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Effy Lowan x Jack Bowden Are A Match Made In Heaven In Empty Places

Wed May 05 2021

Effy Lowan details a night out from a male and female perspective in her latest track Empty Places. However, there is so much more to it than that and the colourful visuals depict even more ideas. With sensual guitar riffs and Effy’s gloriously raw, melancholic vocals the song takes the listener on an intoxicating journey. […]

Regina Madre Releases The Intoxicating Never Be The Same

Mon May 03 2021

Regina Madre releases the intoxicating new release Never Be The Same. The song pulls you in from the first piano notes and sweeping strings, Madre’s powerful vocals and lyrics and the accompanying haunting animated visuals. I cried Like I never cried beforeI diedLike I’d never see the LordYou lied And it cut me inside, oh […]

Alice D Captures Joy And Spring In New EP Where The Wildflowers Grow

Thu Apr 29 2021

London born singer-songwriter Alice D recently dropped her gorgeous new EP Where The Wildflowers Grow. Song Paper Roses is the perfect introduction to this 3 track EP which envelops bright, spring vibes. Incorporating Bossa Nova and RnB, Alice D’s delicate vocals flutter over a soft and sensual instrumental rhythm. “Paper Roses themselves aren’t real, the […]

Fall in L.O.V.E with Lady Sanity’s New Single

Thu Apr 29 2021

Fall in L.O.V.E with Lady Sanity‘s slick new single featuring Jay Alexzander. With super-chilled, nostalgic vibes and sharp, honest wordplay, it’s such an easy song to let envelop you. “I really wanted to focus on more than the romantic aspect of love. With all the madness happening in & around the world right now I […]

Never Be The Same Is An Enthralling Introduction To Jaydi Zavala

Fri Apr 23 2021

With her distinctive vocals and a sultry tone, Jaydi Zavala hits the spot with her latest single never be the same. An inspiring song, it is about realising you’re not getting back what you are putting into a relationship and new friendships can be more fulfilling. Jaydi told Neon Music exclusively, “I got the inspiration […]

Black Coffee Is The Perfect Pick Me Up From AVIV

Fri Apr 23 2021

As a caffeine addict, Black Coffee by AVIV caught my attention but it didn’t end there. With gloriously chilled vibes, colourful visuals and relatable lyrics, the track is the perfect pick-me-up. Black Coffee is such a sweet song with spun sugar vocals and an intimate tone. AVIV’s personality shines through in the whimsical music video. […]

Tori Thomas Finds Hope In Her Debut It Gets Better

Thu Apr 15 2021

Tori Thomas reveals her emotions in her relatable debut single It Gets Better. The song feels intimate despite a crescendo of harmonies and instrumentals. The stripped-back instrumentals heighten the sentiments and feeling of despair and then hope that things will get better. “This song was written trying to encompass the exact moment when you feel […]

Maya Malkin Releases The Dynamic Congratulations

Sat Apr 10 2021

Congratulations to Maya Malkin for releasing a catchy indie-pop song that stands out from the crowd. Congratulations features an acoustic throb with an anthemic chorus, dynamic instrumentals and confident vocals. Malkin discusses themes of a toxic relationship where her boyfriend puts her down, gets jealous, paranoid and in bad moods, “you’re not a good person, […]

Jewelia Unveils Fearless New Single Is This World Mine

Tue Apr 06 2021

Jewelia unveils her fearless and stirring new song Is This World Mine. With an anthemic chorus, words that resonate and visuals that hit hard, this is one song you won’t forget easily. The Romanian born and London-based singer-songwriter has captured an inimitable spirit in her new single which she self-produced. “Is This World Mine’ is […]

Bathe In The Lucid Dream Of Anyway By Zenden Lavon

Tue Apr 06 2021

Anyway is the smooth new single and music video from singer-songwriter, rapper and producer Zenden Lavon. Sharp wordplay overlays a chilled, lo-fi hip-hop beat to create a track you will have on repeat. “‘Anyway’ is “a song meant to provoke emotion. A song that allows the listeners to feel whatever they want to feel without judgement […]

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