Color Theory's Infectious Is An 80s-inspired Ode To Social DistancingInfectious consists of catchy, gothic Electro music and an authentic tribute to the Alternative 80’s scene. Color Theory has captured this masterfully via a vocal performance reminiscent of the deep, mellow tone of Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. It displays an overall Synth sound which is not of this era and comparable to influential artist Gary Numan. Infectious is the ultimate throwback to the early days of The Human League, specifically their 1980, underground track Being Boiled, up until the middle 8 section where Color Theory delivers a piano solo which, unpredictably, throws us into the emotive, chord structures of Tori Amos.

Despite Color Theory’s obvious passion for retro music, lyrically, Infectious presents one of the most current concepts we have come across as it is inspired by the emotional surrealness of social distancing.

We are intrigued as to whether or not Color Theory will continue with his vintage, keyboard-orientated sound, or if he will delve into live, Indie-influenced vibes on his upcoming releases……only time will tell.

We anticipate that Color Theory will deliver something very similar to what Jyoti Mishra AKA White Town did when he fused Alt-Rock with Electronica. Either way, Color Theory could potentially ensure that New Wave, Synth music makes the comeback to the mainstream scene it deserves.

Color Theory’s Infectious is out now.