Just give me something I can feel

Reece Lemonius’ single Something I Can Feel unravels into a dreamy 80s synthpop / alt-R&B track. It is indulgent with creamy, crooning vocals. It’s a confident swagger of a song topped with alt-rock sprinkles.

Taken from his new EP Midnight, Reece Lemonius describes Something I Can Feel as a song filled with hope and suffering, darkness, and light. Reece Lemonius loves to incorporate an 80s influence into his work and Something I Can Feel is a testament to that. Despite the uplifting beat and synths, there is a desolation to the lyrics and tone. Lemonius is desperate to feel anything to push through the pain.

Caught in the routine, working 9 to 7
Getting sick and tired of the same old rhythm
Going numb inside
Make me come alive

To satisfy all your Reece Lemonius cravings, listen to his EP Midnight which is out now.