ALITA literally sparkles in her new music video Bodies as her lips are adorned with star-shaped sequins. A bouncy synth-pop track. Bodies, shimmers with an intoxicating melody and silky vocals.

ALITA did a stellar job of creating the visuals “quarantine style“. With a simple premise and playful feel, the song shines through.

“I’m almost always the only woman in the room when I’m writing music. I love and value my male collaborators, but there’s a different energy and camaraderie that comes from female collaboration and I was craving that. I’d wanted to write a song like ‘Bodies’ for a long time, but felt like the unconscious biases in the room would affect my writing and my openness…I was worried the heart of it would get lost in translation. Eventually I realized that I had all of the instinct to explore it by myself, so I did.” – ALITA

Bodies is an exciting new track from the Seattle-based artist whose previous singles include Human Nature and Too Close.