'Never Let It Go' by Fat Koala Disorder is An Artistic Piece‘Never Let It Go’ by Fat Koala Disorder is an artistic piece. The duo consisting of Fat Koala and Disorder channels feelings of atmospheric bliss in ‘Never Let It Go. The 80s’ synths and electronic sounds create an unforgettable moment you never want to let slip away.

The song represents an idea focused on moods and emotions which can be taken from many perspectives and mean something different for each listener. Fat Koala Disorder frontman Fat Koala, sings:

Faces and laughter
Through pleasant glow
Before and after and forever in the greatest show
And you should never let it go
Never let it go
Never let it go
The only never in forever – never let it go

‘Never Let It Go’ is a euphoric song mixed with a tinge of nostalgia perfect for driving on a bright starry night. Or maybe it suits just chilling at home and holding on to that momentous memory you never want to let go.