Broken Soul By Secret Treehouse Sizzles With A Neon Glow

by Marcus Adetola

19th March, 2020

Broken Soul by Secret Treehouse sizzles with a neon glow. The synths and bass evoke iridescent feelings bathing you in a field of conflicting emotions. While gentle vocals guide you through the mirage of neon lights embellishing the lyrics. True to the cascade of emotions, the song is about having ones mind in turmoil and making wrong choices at every turn and facing the emotional consequences.  

What lies in the comments reflects a scare
You wouldn’t applaud them, but do you care
Do you weigh in as a broken soul?
Did you come together on a common goal?

Broken Soul takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, the instrumentals, melody, and lyrics all convey a unique feeling. And when put together the way Secret Treehouse has done, you find you sizzle with delight while a variety of emotions glow within you.

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