Rough Sketch By Janelle Loes Simmers And Burns

Sat Sep 26 2020

Rough Sketch by Janelle Loes simmers and burns. With the softest vocals layered over emotive strings and rock inclinations, this new single is a striking song from Loes. Produced by Grammy-Nominated Andy Thompson (Belle and Sebastian, Dessa, Taylor Swift), Rough Sketch is about being defiant and standing up for yourself. The song reveals mixed emotions […]

Coopertheband Releases The Anthemic Single Stuck

Thu Aug 20 2020

Coopertheband releases the anthemic single Stuck. This song is what you find when sweet and introspective lyrics meet soaring instrumentals. It’s a brilliant mix of indie rock and electronic pop sounds. Although the lyrics narrate the inability to move forward, the feeling it evokes is uplifting. The enthralling vocals mixed in with the instrumentals create […]

Marcus Arch’s Carnivore Is Deliciously Dark

Thu Jul 09 2020

Marcus Arch’s new single Carnivore is a deliciously dark slice of indie-rock. The song begins with melancholy vocals and jarring yet hypnotic sound effects which build to a euphoric, harmonic crescendo then go back to dissonance. The song revolves around the idea of fighting a shadowy figure, real or imagined. The animistic vocal hook represents […]

No Release Shows The Tranquil Disposition Of Rebecka Reinhard

Sun Jul 05 2020

No Release shows the tranquil disposition of Rebecka Reinhard. Her lyrics ring crystal clear and soft, gentle vocals glide on the subtle tones of the guitar chords before building into a procession of alluring sounds. The song arrangement is magnificent with a precise build-up cascading into a glorious climax. No Release is an interesting song […]

Modern Daze’s Barcelona Is The Hit Of Summer We All Need

Mon Jun 08 2020

During this unsettling time, there’s a need for cheery news and that comes in the form of Modern Daze’s latest single Barcelona. It’s the refreshing hit of summer we all need. There’s an indie-rock feel to this track and the lead singer’s voice is raspy and textured. The Killers spring to mind with the fuzzy, […]

ViOLETEAR Blurs Genres In Head Over Heels

Fri May 01 2020

Head Over Heels by ViOLETEAR is described as a mixing pot between ‘latin-beat, indie-rock, dreampop-synth tune, topped with jazzy lead guitar and motown-inspired melodies’ and in all honestly, I thought how is this going to work? However, Head Over Heels left me feeling just as described.  Driven by Italian brothers Matteo and Marco, the beautiful female vocal […]

Gotta Prepare For The Storm: Harry Mold Releases Treadmill In A Desert

Mon Apr 20 2020

Gotta prepare for the storm – Harry Mold’s Treadmill In A Desert is very appropriate to our current climate despite being written long before we had even heard of Coronavirus. Even though it is only 2 minutes and 40 seconds long, Treadmill In A Desert packs a punch lyrically and via a vigorous indie-rock sound. […]

‘Coming Home’ By Tablefox Plays Out Like A Movie Script

Mon Mar 16 2020

‘Coming Home’ by Tablefox plays out like a movie script, and you do not want it to end. The song begins with guitars blasting power chords, but it’s the catchy melody that instantly grabs your attention. It sounds like a song played in a movie when sparks fly for the first time between two characters. […]

‘What A Woman’ Is Easypeel’s Ode To Mother Nature

Sun Mar 08 2020

“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” British singer-songwriter Easypeel releases his mellow indie tune ‘What A Woman’ which drifts in the air like a warm summer breeze. With carefree hooks and dreamy acoustic guitar, it makes for an altogether irresistible song.  However, lyrics tell another tale and you realise ‘What A Woman’ is […]

_people. Keeps You Guessing With ‘Sinew (Change My Name)’

Sat Mar 07 2020

  _people. keeps you guessing with ‘Sinew (Change My Name)’. Their new single is an intensely gratifying melodic indie rock song. The guitar introduction is so catchy, it compels you to keep listening, but at the same time, you are not sure what to expect. As the song kicks into full throttle you are still […]

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