‘What A Woman’ Is Easypeel’s Ode To Mother Nature

by Lucy Lerner

8th March, 2020

“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

British singer-songwriter Easypeel releases his mellow indie tune ‘What A Woman’ which drifts in the air like a warm summer breeze. With carefree hooks and dreamy acoustic guitar, it makes for an altogether irresistible song. 

However, lyrics tell another tale and you realise ‘What A Woman’ is not about a romantic relationship but something else entirely:

“’What A Woman’ is a love letter to Mother Nature and a wake-up call to humans. It’s a reminder to value our natural surroundings and take care of them – even if it’s just remembering to water the darn plants!” – Easypeel

Tom Morley aka Easypeel is a young artist originally from Hampshire, now based in London. He is very much influenced by the world around him and how “we ourselves are nature too; sickly hunks of meat dressed up in civilisation”.

‘What A Woman’ features some eclectic sound effects which channel the themes of nature. With a warm, relaxed delivery Easypeel has something to say and he wants the world to know about it.

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