Modern Daze's Barcelona Is The Hit Of Summer We All NeedDuring this unsettling time, there’s a need for cheery news and that comes in the form of Modern Daze’s latest single Barcelona. It’s the refreshing hit of summer we all need.

There’s an indie-rock feel to this track and the lead singer’s voice is raspy and textured. The Killers spring to mind with the fuzzy, feel-good opening beat.

While still being very chilled and happy, Modern Daze adds an element we haven’t heard before. There’s a tense build-up; it’s bubbling and unexpected, adding another dimension to the track. You still envisage yourself sat in the garden watching the sun go down on a summer’s night but this time there is a little black cloud; it’s that little hit of distortion, the tension giving you goosebumps.

Barcelona is like a happy Deaf Havana track with twinkly synth sounds adding another unexpected layer. It’s bright and colourful with a slightly gritty edge.

With their new EP Vol.I: Deja Vu, to also enjoy, Modern Daze just keeps spoiling us.