_people. Keeps You Guessing With ‘Sinew (Change My Name)’

by Marcus Adetola

7th March, 2020

_people. keeps you guessing with ‘Sinew (Change My Name)’. Their new single is an intensely gratifying melodic indie rock song. The guitar introduction is so catchy, it compels you to keep listening, but at the same time, you are not sure what to expect. As the song kicks into full throttle you are still not quite sure of the direction the song is going. However, you can feel the aggression (though subtle), in the way they play, hungry to leave their mark on the genre. It is obvious you’re in good hands!

The song switches pace, and the vocals come through, blending nicely with the melody. It will have you singing or perhaps humming along to the melody in no time.

‘Sinew (Change My Name)’ is about having a lack of direction in life. Feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied in your endeavours and anxiously deliberating on what to do in life.

The beauty in _people’s ‘Sinew (Change My Name)’ is the planned randomness of the change in momentum. It keeps you guessing, and you just have to sit tight and enjoy the brilliance.

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