Ro Bergman

Running guitar chords begin the heartfelt single from Ro Bergman; its calming acoustic sounds setting the scene for the sincere love song. It’s a song of hope and desperation with Bergman praying that unlike the references to seasonal changes, his lover will stay with him forever.

‘All We Are’ is the perfect post-break-up song: it’s meaningful and real but heart-breaking. Bergman’s voice is soothing and deep with a slight raspy tone that gives the track another element. It’s not something you would listen to in the depression hours of Sunday night but as a chilled listen it’s lovely. There’s a familiar sound to the track, like a classic 00s acoustic love song, a nostalgic, The Fray Syndicate tone.

Bergman’s voice is actually very similar to The Fray’s Isaac Slade; deep and effective but with a depressing tone that is enjoyable. You can picture this track being the one where the audience ‘woo’ at the first chord, knowing every word and beat because they’ve too been heartbroken, getting their phone torches out (because it’s 2019, who gets a lighter out anymore) and screaming along to every word, filling the venue.

‘All We Are’ is Dear John-esque rom-com vibes – you cry but you love it. You can imagine being sat in a quirky, chilled coffee shop with this indie track playing softly in the background as you read your new book and sip your skinny mocha Frappuccino while watching the world go by.

I really hope Bergman’s partner changed her mind like he so desperately wanted throughout his love song but maybe not… because more tracks with a similar heart-break vibe would be appreciated…

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