COASTOn a Friday night you can usually find me stuffing my face with chocolate in front of the TV, but not this time. I got to watch an up and coming four-piece band, where the main singer who has curly hair took over the mic with his raspy, addictive voice. And, no, Harry Styles hasn’t joined a new band. I’m talking about COAST.

The Indie-rock band from Chelmsford who are taking over the Essex pubs made an impact at the Star and Garter in their home town. For any artist, having your fans scream your lyrics back to you is the dream, and COAST has already made that dream come true.

Performing their classic track ‘She’ll Be Fine’ they managed to take the pub by storm, proving there is already a large fanbase for this rising band. “It’s a happy song and it was written with a smile because of all the good times! It’s a song about after all is said and done, you are still happy for that previous significant other, and are happy for them whatever they do,” the band comments.

‘She’ll Be Fine’ was certainly enjoyed by the large audience that managed to fit into the tiny pub to watch COAST perform, it’s a song you could definitely blast out in your car, I must admit, the chorus has been stuck in my head for days.

Luke Turner, a guitarist in the band wowed the crowd with his solo, lead vocalist Dan Twittor, made engaging eye contact with the crowd and talented drummer, Jay Fleming, and bassist Zain Bay proved how musically in sync the boys are. They are already made for the music world and are on the path to success.

Cleverly performing the ultimate Oasis classic ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ meant the pub exploded and beers were held in the air as the classic tune was sung back to the band. It’s a cover they definitely need to put on YouTube for all to see.

COAST may have only performed in a small pub, but their talent and personalities were larger than life and have already gained many fans around Essex. I don’t think it will be long before the rest of the country catches up.