ViOLETEAR Blurs Genres In Head Over Heels

by Lauren Williams

1st May, 2020

Head Over Heels by ViOLETEARis described as a mixing pot between ‘latin-beat, indie-rock, dreampop-synth tune, topped with jazzy lead guitar and motown-inspired melodies’ and in all honestly, I thought how is this going to work? However, Head Over Heels left me feeling just as described. 

Driven by Italian brothers Matteo and Marco, the beautiful female vocal that perfectly compliments the swing and style of the song is Liverpool artist, Jasmin Nash. 

Head Over Heels wouldn’t be out of place in a jazz or blues bar. It has a class about it that’s heightened by the amazing harmonies and the sultry guitar that carries the song through until the end. It’s a song about not wanting to get too attached to someone for fear of getting hurt. The second chorus made me smile because it’s just so relatable. ViOLETEAR has taken a complicated topic surrounding being afraid of growing feelings and transformed it into a light-hearted amalgamation of musical genres; 

There by the window
I sit and wait around for
You ain’t terribly special
It’s just a thing I sometimes do
No I don’t love you
Keep your feet upon the ground
But don’t take it so bad (So bad, so bad)
Please stick around

Amazingly unique, it takes a real ear for music to be able to piece together so many different elements and genres and make them work but, ViOLETEAR does just that. They have already been recognised on BBC Radio Merseyside for their debut single Love Ain’t a Big Deal (I’m sensing a theme coming through here!) and I’m sure will be receiving even more recognition for their newest single, Head Over Heels.

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