Sal The MusicianFollowing on from his debut ‘Low‘ comes Sal the Musician’s new single ‘Fine’. It discusses themes of how everyone is fighting an internal battle, sometimes that no-one else knows about. Also, how so many of us live life on that fine line between being fine and not being fine.

Despite the thought-provoking themes and lyrics ‘Fine’ isn’t all doom and gloom. It’s a mid-tempo track with an indie-rock, electronic feel and Sal’s honest vocals glide smoothly over a catchy chorus.

The talented singer-songwriter is preparing for his debut EP which he says is “essentially a diary of my mind when I was going through a bad patch of mental health. Regardless of whether my focus was on doubt, insecurity or anger, the thought process was always the same: it was repetitive and monotonous; not being able to break free from a cycle of thought.

We can look forward to more relatable and thoughtful music from Sal the Musician.

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