Coopertheband Releases The Anthemic Single Stuck

by Marcus Adetola

20th August, 2020

Coopertheband releases the anthemic single Stuck. This song is what you find when sweet and introspective lyrics meet soaring instrumentals. It’s a brilliant mix of indie rock and electronic pop sounds. Although the lyrics narrate the inability to move forward, the feeling it evokes is uplifting. The enthralling vocals mixed in with the instrumentals create a rousing feeling, a motivation of sorts.

Stuck depicts the ongoing situation in the world with the pandemic and lockdown, however with enrapturing qualities enough to set aside feelings of gloom.

Stuck was written by Coopertheband and produced by Kyle Schonewill.

Though it was written long before quarantine days, we couldn’t feel a song to be more apt during the current climate. “Stuck” is about having the desire to chase your dreams but finding yourself -stuck- or trapped inside your own head and fighting the difficulty to be your own reason for holding back. – Coopertheband

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