Marcus Arch’s new single Carnivore is a deliciously dark slice of indie-rock. The song begins with melancholy vocals and jarring yet hypnotic sound effects which build to a euphoric, harmonic crescendo then go back to dissonance.

The song revolves around the idea of fighting a shadowy figure, real or imagined. The animistic vocal hook represents the primal struggle that we face – against the worst part of the human nature, or against a real life predator out to get us. The first half of the song is more subdued, giving an impression of quiet resistance, that becomes a much bigger fight or struggle, that in the end finishes with a blow – did I kill the Carnivore? Or was I killed? – Marcus Arch

Marcus Arch is an Australian indie-rock trio and Carnivore is their sixth release. They have created a unique song that switches moods effortlessly and is incredibly dark and haunting in all its facets.

“Your reckless behaviour, it kills me, it eats me”