TOYBrighton-based indie-rock five-piece TOY is most excited by the magic they feel within them when something is evolving and taking shape while they make new music. This raw excitement has led to the release of three critically acclaimed albums, and many notable performances in their career.

Having been formed in 2010, the quintet’s sound has undeniably developed in the last nine years. While their sound has been described as a cross between psychedelic rock, krautrock, shoegaze and post-punk, their description of their own music is much freer and humorous. Speaking of their current sound and its evolution, they say, “Our sound is the sound of five people experimenting with each other’s sanity. It’s got progressively more unhinged.”

TOY’s approach to music seems to be based more on their “unhinged” sound than on any lyrical message. Explaining their outlook to the music they say, “I’m not really sure if music needs a message. We believe you respond to sound more immediately. Often the message is an afterthought thought up by someone else.

JAGER SOHOMoving on from their own music to the music of those that inspire them, they credit Anglo-Dutch experimental rock quartet The Legendary Pink Dots as their major influence. The band’s praise of the veteran group is littered throughout many of their answers.

Asked who they’d love to collaborate with if, given the chance, they mention the 1984 group once again saying “We’d love to collaborate with The Legendary Pink Dots because they’re our biggest influence, both professionally and on a personal level.

TOY’s recent achievements are an impressive list. From their completely improvised performances of ‘Bulgarian Mattress Part 1’ and ‘Bulgarian Mattress Part 2’ at the Vinyl Sessions (with all funds raised from this Vinyl Session for Records Store Day being donated to charity) to their involvement with Jäger Soho which aims to provide a platform for musicians, brands, projects and makers. Their projects include: the Vinyl Sessions, residencies at their pop-up space in Soho, a monthly #JagerMusic radio show and live broadcasts from some of the summer’s biggest festivals.

The band’s latest show in London is also a highlight. Having begun their live show performances at London venue, The Lexington, this full circle moment of performing in London in front of all their friends is a moment that the groups recall as “quite special”.

TOY seems to be the perfect blend of serious musicians and funny down-to-earth music lovers. While so many of their answers reflect depth and thought, there is a sliver of much appreciated, silly humour when they say the one thing they wished more people asked them in interviews has nothing to do with music, but simply what their favourite colour is. Which is green.


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