Interview With IfeFinch – The Journey So Far

Mon Nov 23 2020

IfeFinch is back with his hybrid of sounds on his new EP Lauded. His music engages listeners with infectious melodies, diverse beats and a gliding flow. He covers every detail of his work from writing, performing, producing, mixing, engineering as well as the artwork. His latest project is notably darker than previous releases so we […]

i remember Is A Reflective Song From Sky McCreery

Mon Sep 07 2020

i remember, the new track from Sky McCreery‘s latest EP will resonate if you’re in a reflective mood. In fact, it’s the ideal song as a background for writing with its dreamy, lo-fi indie sound. The song delves into the 18-year-old artist’s mind as he relays melancholic memories. Tender acoustics and gentle production are the […]

Escape Into Pure Bliss With Tommy Ashby’s Everywhere Is Home

Mon Jul 27 2020

With hints of The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue’s smooth vocal tone, Scotland’s Tommy Ashby has captivated everyone at Neon with his beautiful pop-rock delivery on his new single Everywhere Is Home. Opening with an electric guitar arpeggio, which has been produced with a similar, soft sound to the hook performed in The Script’s hit single The […]

Juliet July’s Gone Gently Blooms With Romantic Possibilities

Sat Jul 18 2020

Juliet July returns with her sublime EP Palm Trees in the Mist. If you are unable to travel this summer then let the lush tones envelop you in a mellow warmth. The single Gone features the sound effects of rain on the window and seductive vocals and sultry R&B makes you imagine luxuriating at home […]

The Honest Ramblings On Fresh By Common Jack

Wed Jul 08 2020

The honest ramblings on Fresh by Common Jack blows like a warm breeze. His vocals show an intense vulnerability that is sweet to behold. It warmly caresses with the intoxicating tones from the tranquil guitar strings and piano. The lyrics incite emotional feelings that are honest and transparent. The type of feelings that stand the […]

Freddie Long Releases Long-Awaited Sophomore EP These Darker Days

Sat Jul 04 2020

Alt-pop artist Freddie Long releases his long-awaited sophomore EP These Darker Days and it doesn’t disappoint. It includes popular singles White Water and Fade as well as title track These Darker Days and Facedown (Voice Memo). Freddie Long channels a lot of emotion into these tracks and his earnest vocals tenderly caress powerful instrumental arrangements […]

JimiDaKilla Welcomes You To Cognac Arcade

Tue May 12 2020

JimiDaKilla welcomes you to his debut EP Cognac Arcade with This Ones For, an old school hip hop vibe tinged with humor. He wastes no time displaying his lyrical storytelling mastery on laidback soulful instrumentals reminiscent of the Snoop Dog & Dog pound era sound. It certainly piqued my interest, as I didn’t know what […]

Sara Jackson-Holman’s Nuclear War Is A Love Story

Mon Apr 13 2020

Sara Jackson-Holman releases Nuclear War as part of her Candy EP. Showcasing her distinctive dreamy style, the song is a love story set amongst political tension. Ain’t that truth. Despite the topic, Sara manages to create something a little more upbeat with a sing-song chorus, twinkling sound effects and cascading drums which create a fitting […]

Paper Planes Is A Bonus Track On Lottery Odds EP

Mon Apr 13 2020

Paper Planes is a bonus track on Lottery Odds EP, and it bangs hard. The young lyricist stays true to his words with his work ethic going the extra mile to please his audience. And, this is what he raps about on Paper Planes. Lottery Odds drops lines on grafting tirelessly to reach his goals. […]

Hayley Williams – Petals for Armour EP Review

Wed Apr 01 2020

Looking into the future as an orange-haired pop-punk singer in the midst of the emo heyday, I wonder if Hayley Williams ever pictured herself experimenting with a solo project and a tame hairstyle. Williams has an impressive catalogue of albums and genres – she’s certainly expanded her musical talent and explored new styles over the […]

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