Mall Grab Releases EP ‘Don’t Keep the Fire Burning’ To Help Raise Funds For Australia Bushfires

by Beth Shipley

20th January, 2020

As devastating fires rage through Australia, many artists have released EPs to help raise money to donate to fire services and charities. One of those artists is Australian Electronic DJ, Mall Grab. The aptly named, although slightly juxtaposing, ‘Don’t Keep The Fire Burning’ is punchy and gritty with an emotive element – especially in opening track ‘Positive Energy Forever’ which whispers the song title throughout like a drilling heartbeat. It keeps the phrase in your head, not letting you forget to stay positive. Effectively not letting you forget about Australia, maybe a subliminal message to donate and help yourself? Clever. It’s mysterious and dramatic with classic Mall Grab thudding and many dark elements. Although there’s a serious tone to the track, it’s also fun and dancy… there is so much going on. The build-up is slightly grime-esque but it’s just building up to the fast-paced kicks and punches. ‘Positive Energy Forever’ is dirty and buzzing: a classic Warehouse Project song.

The EP has various elements which is refreshing, especially when ‘Disconnect’ begins and it’s upbeat and punchier. It has a lighter vibe, less thudding, heavy, dark beats but a fruiter, faster rhythm to it. It’s a nice change and gives a different feel to the tracks. There’s a disjointed, melodic beeping throughout which breaks up the heaviness and then a bouncier synthy feel towards the end. It’s quite unbelievable to think Mall Grab wasn’t going to release these tracks other than to help support Australia as it’s probably his best work since 2017’s ‘Pool Party Music’. The gritty vibes carry on with ‘Sheer Fuck-Offness’, another angry, thudding track. It’s quite similar to ‘Disconnect’ with the synth-snare hits but has its own punchy beat.

‘Don’t Keep The Fire Burning’ is fun and you can’t stop moving when listening to it, even the koala on the cover is fun but emotive – clearly referring to one of Australia’s most recognised animals and the heart-breaking scenes the world has seen of them struggling to survive. It’s cleverly made with hammering beats and jolts of bouncy kicks.

Hats off to Mall Grab, what better way to use your platform as a DJ than to release music and donate the money to your home country in need?

The proceeds from these 4 previously unreleased tracks on Bandcamp will go to RSPCA’s Bushfire appeal and The NSW Rural Fire Service.

If you want to donate more yourself, please use the links here:

RSPCA BushfireAppeal

NSW Rural Fire Service

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