Sara Jackson-Holman's Nuclear War Is A Love StorySara Jackson-Holman releases Nuclear War as part of her Candy EP. Showcasing her distinctive dreamy style, the song is a love story set amongst political tension. Ain’t that truth. Despite the topic, Sara manages to create something a little more upbeat with a sing-song chorus, twinkling sound effects and cascading drums which create a fitting mood. It screams of cinematic spendour and above all, hope.

Lately they’ve been talking about nuclear war
Let’s get married before it comes

Sara comments on her new release on her social media, “It’s a song that holds hope and anxiety at the same time, which feels more real now even than when I wrote it a few years back.”

There’s no doubt this LA-based singer-songwriter will have many more songs featured in popular TV shows. Nuclear War has many endearing qualities and will be the ideal backdrop to many emotional scenes.

This is my truth, when I’m with you, I’m in heaven

The Candy EP is worth listening to as it features more intriguing songs from Sara Jackson-Holman.