Noted Musician Jonatha Brooke Drops EP ‘Imposter’ This Month

by neonmusic

12th November, 2019

Jonatha Brooke

Having spent the past 20 years heading up her own record label, winning countless awards, working with pop star Katy Perry and garnering critical acclaim with an off-broadway play, for Jonatha Brooke, the next step in her ever-expanding career comes in the form of EP ‘Imposter’, set for its UK debut on November 15th, 2019.

Five track EP ‘Imposter’ in a nutshell is a subtle nudge to encourage listeners to step outside their comfort zone. Starting with a band of strings for its introduction, the EP soon builds into this mixture of catchy rhythms and Brooke’s smooth vocals. Accompanied by lyrics that are both sentimental to Brooke, yet can resonate with so many of us at the same time. The opening tracks ‘Imposter’ and ‘Fire’ are a perfect representation of what the rest of the EP’s tracks including ‘Twilight’, ‘Revenge’ and ‘True To You’ have to offer.

Broken down to its core, the EP as a whole product is a beautiful addition to Jonatha Brooke’s impressive back catalogue of music. Exploring themes from love, acceptance and resolution, all whilst showcasing the true musical and lyrical flexibility for Jonatha Brooke the release of ‘Imposter’ is another insight into an unbelievable musical journey she has embarked on over two decades.

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