Premiere: A Bold Statement From Hannah V With Her New Instrumental EP

by Terry Guy

30th August, 2019

Here are the instrumentals of my EP ‘No Limit’ – the backbone of what makes me ME

Hannah V is more than just an empowered, qualified musician who previously studied at theRoyal Academy of Music in London. The multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer has also been the hitmaker behind renowned music acts such as Stormzy, Rihanna and Jessie J. She describes herself as a “producer, pianist, beatmaker, music creator“. Hannah V drops her brand new EP, ‘No Limit’ The Instrumentals, where you will find one of the UK’s best Urban acts of 2019 collaborating with Shystie, Cherri V and many more.

The EP opens with ‘Bangles,’the equivalent of an Alternative “Rihanna” intro, before delving into the EP’s title track ‘No Limit’ which instantly throws you back to the early days of music icon Mary J. Blige when the “Aretha” singer fused hip-hop with R&B and soul effortlessly. Just sit back and absorb Hannah V’s emotive Piano melody and it’s off-beat snare which still allows you enough room to dance to this musically deep number and in turn preps you nicely for the rest of the experimental record.

“I’m meticulous about my production, my piano playing and the creation of my music. I try and tell a story with my beats before it hits my singers’ inboxes.”

Track 3 ‘Liberate Yourself’ delivers an arpeggiated chord structure, performed on the Piano, very reminiscent of the main hook from Coldplay’s 2003 hit single ‘Clocks,’ while the groove ensures that your arse will be shaking around the dancefloor (the same way CeeLo Green got us all doing back in 2010 with the famous ‘F*ck You.’) Musically, it suits the flamboyant and feisty attitude and persona of its featured artist…X Factor’s Misha B.

‘No’ is a dreamy, electro, slow-jam ballad, with a filtered bassline and Eurodance synths, bringing a current, mainstream-Radio vibe in comparison to the opening tracks of Hannah V’s new release. While ‘What Does It Mean?’ is a short but beautifully performed Piano composition,which is both blues and soul-influenced and could easily be the sort-of-piece Alicia Keys would be heard playing at one of her masterful showcases. It is also a fabulous lead-in to No Limit’s closing song ‘They Don’t Matter,’ a mellow chillout track which cleverly experiments with time signatures and develops with the use of layers of glittery Piano playing in the chorus section, a Wurlitzer thrown into verse 2 and a gloriously bold string arrangement.

Overall, it is the perfect Acid Jazz song to round off Hannah V’s new record with, evidencing the artist’s unforgettable, fearless and breath-taking music production and instrumentation.

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