Silky Sounds From M w S With Stunning New EP ‘Grow’

by Lucy Lerner

2th December, 2019

M w S

Lose yourself in the silky sounds of M w S, the Italian songwriting duo who are making beautiful music from their London home. They have released their second EP ‘Grow’ and it is filled with the kind of soothing, soulful pop music we have come to know and love from the talented pair.

The EP highlights the duo’s songwriting ability and includes the languid ‘Complicated’, the sultry ‘Grow’, the romantic ‘Moonlight’ and the soul-tinged ‘Positive’ amongst the 6 gems which make up the project. Giulia Magnani’s vocals are sweet but never cloying and Francesco Drovandi’s guitar strokes and feather-light melodies always feel uplifting.

Moving to London has opened up a whole range of influences and enabled a stream of new music releases for the pair, despite the uncertainty within the country.

M w S comments, “The Brexit decision made us feel a bit uneasy about heading to the UK only at the beginning… We have a lot of faith in London, which we know is a very open city that somehow needs people from all over the world. We knew that this was the place for our music so we had to make it happen regardless. In the last months though, there is a lot of worry around Brexit for touring musicians“.

‘Grow’ is out now.

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