The Honest Ramblings On Fresh By Common Jack

by Marcus Adetola

8th July, 2020

The honest ramblings on Fresh by Common Jack blows like a warm breeze. His vocals show an intense vulnerability that is sweet to behold. It warmly caresses with the intoxicating tones from the tranquil guitar strings and piano. The lyrics incite emotional feelings that are honest and transparent. The type of feelings that stand the test of time. Fresh is an intimate and beautiful song that is straight from the heart.

There is an old oak tree
In the yard behind us
It split in half in the middle of a storm
I tried to play it cool
But the crash scared me half to death
Least you were there to keep me warm
I get nervous that you’re getting bored
I softly close the door
Then I go to sleep and you’re right next to me

Fresh is the final single off Jack’s upcoming EP, Lake Song, which is set for release later this year.

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