Freddie Long Releases Long-Awaited Sophomore EP These Darker Days

by Lucy Lerner

4th July, 2020

Alt-pop artist Freddie Long releases his long-awaited sophomore EP These Darker Days and it doesn’t disappoint. It includes popular singles White Water and Fade as well as title track These Darker Days and Facedown (Voice Memo). Freddie Long channels a lot of emotion into these tracks and his earnest vocals tenderly caress powerful instrumental arrangements and anthemic lyrics.

“You left me here, bruised with nothing to say”

These Darker Days EP carries a lot of weight and with his display of raw emotions and vocals, there is nothing to hide. It feels as if it was a healing process, in particular with Facedown, the final track which was recorded on Freddie’s phone as a voice memo and developed into a reflective, compelling song.

“There’s a strong message of self-reflection throughout these tracks. I’m no saint when it comes to my past and only over the last few years I’ve learned to accept that. I’m super proud of this project and feel it’s a big step up from everything I’ve previously put out” – Freddie Long

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