JimiDaKilla Welcomes You To Cognac Arcade

by Marcus Adetola

12th May, 2020

JimiDaKilla welcomes you to his debut EP Cognac Arcade with This Ones For, an old school hip hop vibe tinged with humor. He wastes no time displaying his lyrical storytelling mastery on laidback soulful instrumentals reminiscent of the Snoop Dog & Dog pound era sound. It certainly piqued my interest, as I didn’t know what to expect from this young rapper from up North.
Wasted In Barcelona is up next featuring Ot Lz, and Jimi is at it again, delivering a nice catchy hook on introspective instrumentals. If This Ones For is an introduction, Wasted In Barcelona is a statement of intent. He confidently raps about a narrative in Barcelona, but in truth, it’s about him trusting his abilities. Ot Lz jumps in to add further embellishments on the track with a quick-witted catchy trap verse.

On WARNING, JimiDaKilla continues on the same trend as the two previous tracks relying on his wordsmith skills. As he drops sleek punchlines effortlessly, right now, it’s quite clear Jimi can go round for round with bars. Enter the fray another young MC SKINNY MALONE jumps on board to continue on the lyrical tirade. At the end of this track, I had a smile on my face. The future is bright for rap in the UK, no mumble nonsense. Okay, mumble rap can be okay at times, but nothing trumps real rap bars.
On Rebel, Jimi gets KC another UK rapper to deliver the hook. And, the two rappers flow complement each other. Of the previous tracks, I would say Rebel is the more modern sound one with conscious efficacies.
Cognac Arcade and Infatuated follow with the same theme of creative storytelling. Both tracks have a neo-soul feel them and will certainly captivate the listener.
“We have thrown everything at this project. It’s a varied portfolio which highlights the many different styles Ted and I can work with. We wanted to put together something that people can stream from top to toe and continuously be surprised. It was cool to work my close mate on a project that told the story of our life in Derby, whilst still connecting with other UK MCs. Combining these elements make the EP a rich experience for the listener.” – Jimidakilla

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