Sans Soucis Releases Immersive Animation Video For Air

Sat Nov 14 2020

We were enraptured by Sans Soucis and her recent single Air and now she has released a charming, immersive animation video. The music video was directed by Sans Soucis and created by animator Sara Pozin. “The lyrics are dense with imagery and I couldn’t envision anything but an animation that could run through the words […]

Lo & Behold, L E M F R E C K Breeds New Life Into The UK Music Scene

Mon Sep 14 2020

Lo & Behold, L E M F R E C K breeds new life into the UK music scene. With an idiosyncratic flow, he rhymes effortlessly exhibiting poetic nuances that are engaging. The lyrics are thoughtful and present a sign of the times, but it’s the delivery that stands out. The background sounds are catchy […]

Flawes Reunite With Number One

Fri Jul 24 2020

  Josh Carruthers (JC) of the British alternative/indie trio Flawes, certainly knows how to spin pain into an upbeat, smiley track. His thick, Dan Smith-sounding, strong voice carries the weight of pain throughout this bubbling new release. It’s fresh and catchy with emotional, powerful lyrics guiding the track. “It’s ultimately a break up song, a […]

Premiere – Lie Under LMNL’s Moonlight Cinema

Thu Jun 18 2020

Let Moonlight Cinema envelop your mind, body, and soul in a dreamy bubble. LMNL’s debut song creates a beautiful atmosphere with a waterfall of cascading synths before melancholic vocals bring it all together. The lyrics make you think of lying back and staring at the sky after a long, hot summer’s day, “under the moonlight […]

TENNIN Releases The Anthemic We Stand Alone

Wed Jun 10 2020

Parisian alternative artist TENNIN releases the anthemic We Stand Alone. And it is more relevant than she could have imagined. The instrumentals on the song have arousing tribal qualities about it. It plays like a revolutionary cry with anthemic qualities. It asks its listeners to rise and stand up for their beliefs. The lyrics are […]

Anna Wolf Releases The Incomparable Helmets

Fri Apr 10 2020

Listening to Anna Wolf is an experience in itself. New single Helmets blurs genres and ideas and is incomparable to anything else. Wolf is all about expressing mood and feeling in her music. Helmets is a brooding piece featuring tribal beats, a pulsing bass, distinctive vocals, and an ethereal cord pulling it all together.  “‘Helmets […]

Amaroun Just Wants To Talk

Mon Apr 06 2020

Amaroun can be relied on for releasing innovative and thought-provoking music. Her new single Talk is no exception. A heartfelt piece, it focuses on a breakdown of communication between two people. It’s very relatable, whether it be about lovers, friends, family members or other situations. At times like this, people are talking more than ever […]

Erki Pärnoja Considers Soltitude Sacred In ‘Soledad’

Thu Mar 05 2020

Erki Pärnoja considers soltitude sacred in his track ‘Soledad’ which takes listeners on a trip down memory lane with its chorus-effected, guitar chords which give off an instant 80’s alt-Rock vibe during the main hook. It’s certainly an intriguing and interesting piece of meditative music and is about a jumble of words and ideas which […]

‘WHITE’ Is A Cathartic Release From Kat Koan

Mon Oct 21 2019

Take me away, save me from being numb Kat Koan introduces her new single and music video ‘ WHITE’ and she exclaims it’s her favourite tune so far. The Berlin-based artist enjoys making music that releases not just her passions and pent up emotion but the listeners too. ‘WHITE’ is a little moody and gritty […]

Green Man Festival Review

Tue Sep 03 2019

Since my first visit in 2016, Green Man festival has really outdone itself with another incredible lineup, great comedy, films, literature, idyllic scenery, and lovely Welsh beers. This year’s sold-out Green Man was packed with heaps to do and see. I think this may well be one of the best laid out festivals I’ve been […]

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