Anna Wolf Releases The Incomparable Helmets

by Lucy Lerner

10th April, 2020

Listening to Anna Wolf is an experience in itself. New single Helmets blurs genres and ideas and is incomparable to anything else. Wolf is all about expressing mood and feeling in her music. Helmets is a brooding piece featuring tribal beats, a pulsing bass, distinctive vocals, and an ethereal cord pulling it all together. 

“‘Helmets speaks of truly manifesting why it is important to love one self before being able to fully love another. The lyrics are various metaphors for finding one self in a position of self harm, but then soon to realise the importance of loving one self without condition. It is the key to following a journey of self discovery without barriers. Placing your Helmet on your head is a sign of strength and finding power in being venerable and speaking ones truth!” – Anna Wolf

Wolf’s tone changes throughout Helmets. The beginning of the song is expressed in a soft, breathy way then she shouts, “if you’re gonna love me, love me, love me” which really gets the message across to the listener. Her message worms itself inside your head even if you try to resist.

“No, we were never going to come back from this”

The song feels primal and raw and it triggers emotions you didn’t know you had. Anna Wolf continues to captivate with a unique style that is all her own.

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