Erki Pärnoja Considers Soltitude Sacred In ‘Soledad’

by Terry Guy

5th April, 2020

Erki Pärnoja considers soltitude sacred in his track ‘Soledad’ which takes listeners on a trip down memory lane with its chorus-effected, guitar chords which give off an instant 80’s alt-Rock vibe during the main hook. It’s certainly an intriguing and interesting piece of meditative music and is about a jumble of words and ideas which float around us and can often be confusing.

On ‘Soledad,’ the Estonian musician and songwriter proves that he is capable of delivering a very unique way of songwriting as you take in the chanting-style vocals, sung via repetitive lines using an unusual, Baritone voice.

‘Soledad’ is somewhat infectious, despite how downbeat it is. It could also be that simple, yet effective, arpeggiated guitar riff in the opening, which presents a similar style to The XX (specifically referencing their track ‘Intro’ from the classic, 2009 self-titled debut), or perhaps it’s the throwback instrumentation over a current Chillout beat, which is almost reminiscent of the critically acclaimed works of Bonobo.

Either way, there is no doubt that when listening to ‘Soledad’ all listeners will come to the same conclusion, that Erki Pärnoja’s is one of Dream Pop’s freshest sensations and a multi-talented one at that.

Erki Pärnoja’s new album ‘Leva’ is out now and we advise you to check it out.

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