Fil Bo Riva
Photo by Juliane Spaete

As soon as his reverb and echo-filled voice starts singing, it is highly apparent Fil Bo Riva is on to something magical. Something special and transcendent. ‘L’impossibile’ is a fantastic return to form, very much in the same vein as the previous track I looked at, L’Over.

The video for ‘L’impossibile’ is a beautifully shot piece, with the qualities of a home video. This somehow manages to beautifully capture the raw and emotionally charged song, giving it depth and displays the longing and desperation of his voice. Atmospheric and deep, it showcases a story in grainy solitary fashion, bringing to the forefront of the band and their talents.

This is a romantically charged track and manages to make the listener feel the struggles being written about. It contrives to take the listener on a desperate journey, full of longing and anticipation. The album being dropped soon will no doubt be a fantastic release and is one I am waiting with eagerness.

The songwriting shown in all of Fil Bo Riva’s releases of late has set the bar high. Masterfully executed and performed, He is able to take somewhat dark subjects, and infuse life into the subject matter. He is able to tell a magnificent story which spans lands and shores, bringing people of all walks of life together collectively through his lyrics about the struggles most of us feel on occasion. The instrumentation of ‘L’impossibile’ is, of course, fantastic, but I’d expect nothing less.

Crisp guitars weave between elegant piano work, with the tight bass bringing the rhythm together with the drum work. The drums sound phenomenal on this track, with the cymbals being allowed to echo through the mix, almost cascading over the instruments and the listener like soft rain on a warm day.

‘L’impossibile’ is a fine addition to Fil Bo Riva’s collection of music and more of a reason why he will be enormous.

Following several singles, an EP, three sold-out tours and an nomination for the Europe Talent Award, ‘L’impossibilie’ is the final song to be unveiled from Fil Bo Riva’s forthcoming debut album, Beautiful Sadness, to be released on 22nd March.

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