ChildcareLast Thursday night at London’s Benk and Bo venue, CHILDCARE hosted their ‘Playback Pilgrimage’ where we heard the entirety of their debut album, ‘Wabi-Sabi’, for the first time. When walking into the venue, an air of calm could be sensed, amongst all the excitement. This could have something to do with CHILDCARE’s ‘Get Well Soon’ initiative (they hold meditation retreats, release lavender-scented scratch ‘n’ sniff vinyl and have more planned on the way.)

“Wabi Sabi” is a term relating to “beauty in imperfection” and the album reflects the band’s journey to better themselves. At the event, Emma, Ed, and Rich were all meditating when we walked in before Ed thanked everyone for their support. Rich then talked us through some chanting; an example of something they have done at the meditation retreats. Then the really exciting part-the first play of ‘Wabi-Sabi’!

‘Wabi Sabi’, as far as debut albums go, is a seriously strong offering with songs like ‘Omega Grey’, ‘Magazines’ and ‘Sugar Cane’. There are so many great tracks, it’s really hard to pick the best. They explore many avenues from heartbreak and rejection to falling in love.

‘Sugar Cane’ is actually BBC Radio 1’s Introducing Track of the Week so expect to hear more from this addictive quartet.

We left the event with lemon sherbert bath bombs because “we deserved them”. In terms of self-care, this album will leave you feeling good! There’s no doubt about it!