An Impressive EP From Rising Artist THISISTRIX

by Lucy Lerner

14th January, 2019

‘ALPs: AFRICAN. LOVE. PROBLEMS’ is the new EP from rising Ghanian born singer, rapper, producer and songwriter THISISTRIX. You have to go into this project open-minded because you will come away with a variety of genres which flow seamlessly from pop-rock and hip-hop to Afro-fusion. Trix’s musical influences are also eclectic including artists such as Tracy Chapman, Eminem, Funkadelic, Neyo, and Bon Iver.

THISISTRIX links his sound to a variety of themes throughout the EP and he takes inspiration from personal experiences as well as the world around him. He says, “I make music for people who feel too much. For people who wake up every morning and have to make a concerted effort to keep living and try again. I make music for girls who wear glasses and for introverts who trick everyone into thinking they fit in.

You have to admire an artist for not conforming to the norm and flaunting his skills through a variety of genres in his own inimitable style. ‘ALPs: AFRICAN. LOVE. PROBLEMS’ is an impressive introduction to a new artist to get excited about.

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