Video Premiere: A Spiritual Journey From YUN SEN With ‘All I Have’

by Jade Dadalica

23th May, 2019

“All I have is a spiritual journey from the dark to the bright. The music grows when the mind flows. The hard-hitting drums and atmospheric vocals lead a ritual dance in the dark forest.
Let it go, after they take all you have.”

As I sit in my parked car, I look around at my surroundings. The dark night sky seems to hug the stars, making them shine brighter, and the cool night’s breeze whistles through my windows. As I click onto YUN SEN’S new music video ‘All I Have’, it immediately matches the peaceful evening I’m experiencing.

The music video opens with a beautiful tree landscape, with a peaceful chime sound making an entrance – it makes me feel safe. My eyes are immediately glued to the screen as the song and video picks up, to reveal a girl alone in a forest, with a man slowly following behind. The hard-hitting drums match her footsteps as she walks, and YUN SEN’S youthful, vocals keep you focused. It seems as if their voices follow through the trees, through the ocean, and through the snow – their mysterious tones seem to echo across the earth. The visuals reflect the hypnotic mood and were shot in Switzerland and directed by Sophie Berset.

‘All I Have’ is the fourth single from London duo YUN SEN and features different sounds and textures to keep you on your toes. I wouldn’t be surprised if this track is used as a theme tune in a dramatic TV show in the future as it’s so cinematic and atmospheric. Producing electronic Alternative Pop Music in the West London caves, YUN SEN has created a magical, addictive track and a visual spiritual journey. Make sure you listen and watch if you want to give your ears and eyes a treat.

The music video for ‘All I Have’ is out on May 24th.

Stream ‘All I Have

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