‘FAKE IT’ Til You Make It – KROWNS Releases Debut EP

by Lucy Lerner

23rd January, 2019

Photo by Chris Doi

In the chaos, I had to find strength.

Kyle McKearney was inspired when he stayed up every night listening to ‘Nevermind’ by Nirvana. He was struggling with life coming from a broken home and feeling like he had to pretend everything was ok when it wasn’t. Kyle went on to write some confessional-style pieces about his past to help process it all. He presented them to Grammy Award-winning producer Stephen Kozmeniuk, and Todd Clark, and began crafting the songs that would become the ‘FAKE IT’ EP.

The EP includes the trio’s debut single, ‘High While the World Ends‘ which we described previously as an “idiosyncratic anti-conformity anthem”. It’s a “genre-defying track that fits trap, pop, alternative and electronic music into a four-minute single.” There is also the sophomore single, ‘Fake It’ which was named the “Top 12 Songs You Need To Hear” by Alternative Press as well as four other tracks.

‘FAKE IT’ is so easy to listen to and as smoothly as each song blends into the next, each track is very different also. If you want tight rhythms, powerful rock grooves, and anthemic hooks then you’ll love this genre-blending EP from KROWNS. It is a very well crafted and considered project with immense honesty weaving through an intricate narrative.

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