I hope you’re ready for something drastically alternative and different, Because with ‘Chapter One’, the first offering from two-piece Loom:ngs, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. And it’s outstanding.

We decided to name the EP ‘Chapter One’ for obvious reasons as it’s our debut release, but it originated because ‘Loomings’ is the first chapter of Moby Dick, which is Daniel’s favorite book.” Zola read Moby Dick the first summer the two met, and she explains that because of that book, in a way, “‘Loomings’ was the start of our collaboration, and now Chapter One is the start of Loom:ngs.”

At first, listen I wasn’t too sure if I was going to like this album, but as it opens up, a vast sea of textures and sonic beauty surrounds you.

As each track progresses, things couldn’t be more different. I’d even struggle to smack a specific genre on this album, but that is part of its genius. Loom:ngs never really conform to any singular style of music. They are highly electronic in nature, but when I was going to label them as industrial during the opening track ‘6:38,’ they toss a curveball again with the lyrical beauty they possess.

As a duo, their voices sound hauntingly elegant together and when matched with the backdrop of tender strings it is at times breathtakingly haunting.

Zola Johnson and Daniel Loumpourdis make an exceptionally fantastic duo and bring some pulsing “get up and dance” beats. Brilliant to pick up a low mood.

‘Sullenblue’ is a prime example of this. With my Audio Technica ATH-M50x headphones snugly on my head, I found myself nodding along and tapping my foot as I listened to it for the sixth time. Drums and Bass sound fantastic and are mixed extremely well. In fact, the whole album is.

Distressing use of extremely low bass is utilised and gives the music an epic thunder of urgency and force.
‘Of Mine,’ the third track on the album, reminded me of Imogen Heap, and her track ‘Hide and Seek.’ The vocals from Zola with their subtle synthesiser effect sounded fantastic. I found myself being surprised over and over by the quality of material found across all seven of the tracks. With incredibly sophisticated songwriting ability and experimental instrumentation, this album made me feel this couldn’t possibly be the first release from the pair. It sounds too polished and experienced.

Even the classic ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ manages to get an interesting stylistic change.
This is an album that manages to blur the lines of what music can be. As detailed as a delicate painting, whilst at times even sounding similar to some early Nine Inch Nails work.

At times the stylistic choice of lyrics can be shattering and urgent, with heavy and deep bass echoing in the background. At other moments, everything slows down and drops to a fragile whisper with tender keyboards dancing around her voice. A deep kind of poetic justice to industrial music, showing it can be done very differently and still sound just as good, if not better.

As a group that is hard to define, and difficult to put in a certain box, it is refreshing to hear something so different and inspiring.

A must listen.

Stream ‘Chapter One‘.