Immerse Yourself In The Emotional New Single Body Body (Acoustic) by Victoria Victoria

Fri Nov 06 2020

Immerse yourself in the emotional new single Body Body (Acoustic) by Victoria Victoria. With soaring vocals that flow fluidly interspersed on the piano acoustics evoking intense emotions stifled in a memory from childhood of an intimate nature. Victoria Victoria wrote the original song four years ago during a time when she hated her body so much it […]

Long Time Coming By Bruno Lewis Is An Atmospheric Song

Thu Nov 05 2020

Long Time Coming by singer-songwriter, and producer Bruno Lewis is an atmospheric song that transports you sonically to another place altogether. Beautiful string arrangements and passionate piano lay the foundation for expressive vocals and lyrics that resonate during this difficult time. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Bruno Lewis creates stunning music in London. Long Time […]

Get Lost In The Beauty That Is Excuse Me By Neev

Sun Oct 18 2020

“Maybe I’m a sinner, but you’re not a saint” You simply get lost in the beauty that is Excuse Me by Neev. It makes you think of lying under a starlit sky believing anything could be possible. Acoustics feel like ripping water and echoing harmonies give you goosebumps. Neev’s expressive vocals feel delicate, intimate, and […]

Interview With Matt Fryers As He Reminds Us What Live Music Is All About

Fri Oct 16 2020

British Alt-Rock artist Matt Fryers pours his heart and soul into his recent double A-side featuring Face In The Window and Wasteland performed live at Manchester’s The Whiskey Jar. With intimate acoustics and raw vocals, Fryers really sets the tone for his expressive songs and makes you feel part of the live music scene once […]

DANE Reassures Listeners In a letter to myself

Fri Sep 25 2020

DANE releases a letter to myself, a comforting song to help listeners feel better about themselves. Opening with sounds of the ocean and birds as well as gentle acoustics in a lullaby rhythm and soft vocals this song is a balm to those who hear it. The independent artist from Bloomfield, New Jersey didn’t just […]

Indulge In The Pleasant Sounds Of What Is Loving Anymore By Fiona Harte

Thu Sep 17 2020

Indulge in the pleasant sounds of What Is Loving Anymore by Fiona Harte. She takes you on a cathartic emotional journey filled with lush vocals on a bed of tranquil guitar acoustics that evokes a dreamy state of being. The honest lyricism on the track emboldens feelings of melancholy with ethereal melodies permeating all through […]

Lose Yourself In The Enchanting Lullaby Day Like Yesterday By Darling

Mon Sep 07 2020

Lose yourself in the enchanting lullaby Day Like Yesterday by Darling. The duo sings with warm vocals that wind slowly on a blissful mix of instrumentals that evokes feelings of introspection. It’s a reckoning of sorts, reflecting on missed opportunities but not wallowing in them. Guess I’ve been waiting on a day like yesterday All […]

Journey To Self-Awareness With Anthony da Costa On Slow Motion Panic

Mon Aug 10 2020

Journey to self-awareness with Anthony da Costa on his new song Slow Motion Panic. He invitingly draws you in with tranquil sounds from the guitar acoustics and instrumentals that gleam with purpose. There is a surreal quality to the highly relatable, honest lyrics. His vocals radiate an atmospheric ambiance that washes over you with hints […]

Amberlake x Kella Releases I Can Be Cool Acoustic

Sun Aug 09 2020

“would you break your heart for me?” Amberlake releases the acoustic version of the gorgeous hit I Can Be Cool featuring Kella. The song loses the pop tones from the original release and focuses on dreamy vocals with a piano led direction. The two artists complement each other with expressive vocals which have gentle undertones […]

Nightshift x Quiggle’s Butterflies (Acoustic) Envelops You In Euphoria

Mon May 11 2020

Can you feel it? All the butterflies Nightshift’s Butterflies (Acoustic) immediately envelops you in a euphoric feeling with its emotive piano and compelling vocals. The brother duo Nightshift releases the acoustic version of their debut Butterflies featuring the multi-talented  Quiggle. Butterflies describes the feeling of being in a bubble of love which you can find […]

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