Arya Yunata’s With Time Is A Promising Debut

by Terry Guy

11th April, 2020

With Time is the best way to kick start a promising career for multi-talented singer-songwriter Arya Yunata. His debut single With Time is delivered with simplicity, tenderness, and authenticity. Yunata’s beautiful, delicate vibrato at the end of each line, will deeply touch your soul in this touching ballad.

With a similar, “swaying” groove on the guitar, Arya Yunata captivates his audience with just the use of his angelic, soulful voice, his notable acoustic and a simple yet emotive, orchestral accompaniment.

“Something quick that I wrote on a sleepless night one day at 4 am. Have you ever met someone that you just instantly click with; you guys are talking, maybe even flirting, everything’s going well but then he/she said nahh like she be giving mixed signals all over the place?” – Arya Yunata

We love Arya, for bringing us some “real music.” He is a confessional artist with effortless Acoustic songwriting skills. If you’re a fan of Ryan Cabrera go check out Arya Yunata’s new single With Time.

Arya Yunata is in the process of writing his debut EP.

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