Quinn Lewis Releases A Stunning Acoustic Version Of ‘Only Everything’

by Silvia Pellegrino

4th June, 2019

On his latest raw, acoustic cut, Australia-born 22-year-old Quinn Lewis takes the next step on his road of stardom as he pieces together a radio-friendly anthem for the masses.

‘Only Everything’ has a distinguished and polished sound to it that provides the listener with a feeling of warmth and embrace in his voice and the stripped back guitars, while the modernised beach-inspired drums intertwine with the lyrical content.

Lewis sings about the unrequited love felt for this person in a way that is deeply personal but at the same time highly relatable. Using the lyrics, “How long can we keep this alive” before introducing a catchy chorus of rejoicing passion where the protagonist tells her “Only, only, only for the rest of my life“. The juxtaposed lyrics are impactful for the track as well as melodic and essential to the song’s structure and layering.

Sometimes the most simple songs end up being the ones that touch one’s feelings the most, and this is exactly what has happened with ‘Only Everything’ by Quinn Lewis.

Whatever may come next for the Nashville based artist, he has certainly taken strides over the past couple of years as his fanbase and stock continues to grow. The sky would appear to be the limit for someone who seems so accustomed to fine-tuned balance and commercially viable hits.

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