BAILEY is back with his latest track ‘Change’ and boy will it make you feel good. Sweet, tender with an anthemic chorus and uplifting harmonies the talented singer-songwriter describes his music as ‘elevating pop’.

When BAILEY started writing he envisioned his music to be played in a band, but it ended up being a solo project due to hectic schedules with other band members. It was meant to be as he honed his new sound with producer Ian Curnow (Talk Talk).

He says of this collaboration, “We started stripping down these new songs that I’d written. My sound had evolved into a vocally-driven, folk pop kind of thing. Suddenly, there were no limits”.

New single ‘Change’ really hits the spot with its acoustic-driven, folk-pop sound and lyrics make you think about change and how it can be a good thing and you should let it happen,

Change is coming this way
There’s no hiding from it now
Just like it’s always been
Change is always the same
So when it comes around
Won’t you let in?

You can stream ‘Change’ here.