Get Lost In The Beauty That Is Excuse Me By Neev

by Lucy Lerner

18th October, 2020

“Maybe I’m a sinner, but you’re not a saint”

You simply get lost in the beauty that is Excuse Me by Neev. It makes you think of lying under a starlit sky believing anything could be possible. Acoustics feel like ripping water and echoing harmonies give you goosebumps. Neev’s expressive vocals feel delicate, intimate, and also very raw. Lyrics are relatable – the track is about not backing down in an argument, “and I would say sorry, were you predicting an excuse me?

Excuse Me is the fourth and final track from the Scottish singer-songwriter’s debut EP Forgiving Light. It’s worth checking out the whole EP for more honest, multi-textured music from the charming Neev.

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