Can you feel it? All the butterflies

Nightshift’s Butterflies (Acoustic) immediately envelops you in a euphoric feeling with its emotive piano and compelling vocals. The brother duo Nightshift releases the acoustic version of their debut Butterflies featuring the multi-talented  Quiggle. Butterflies describes the feeling of being in a bubble of love which you can find in the most surprising place. The song encapsulates this sentiment with its soothing tones and uplifting melody.

Strip away the night
senses left behind
toxins fill my mind

The timeless piano line throughout Butterflies sets you adrift on a wave of emotion which blooms further when joined by the beautiful harmonies from Nightshift and Quiggle. Steve and Dan Kennelly of Nightshift created an upbeat EDM number with their debut song Butterflies last month but the acoustic version elevates the dreamy feeling of being in love even further. It literally gives you butterflies.