Violetta Zironi23-year-old Italian folk songwriter Violetta Zironi has recently released her stunning new single ‘Oasis’.

Originally from Italy, Violetta started writing her first songs at the age of 16. After gigging with a country/blues trio around the North of Italy, she decided to focus on creating her own music. Her first single ‘Half Moon Lane’ was a big success and the following releases ‘Toast‘ and ‘Don’t Make Me A Fool’ bring her worldwide media attention and cleared the way for the release of her debut EP ‘Half Moon Lane‘, released on February 2018.

This talented artist has toured with icons like Ben E.King, Jack Savoretti, and Don McLean, through Europe and the US. During the last few months she has released several acoustic videos for her latest singles: ‘One More Goodbye’, ‘Little Wound’ and ‘Oasis’.

Violetta Zironi herself says about the new track, ‘Oasis’, “Maybe you’ve also been in a situation where you wanted more than you could give. That’s ‘Oasis’ – a romantic but selfish request of love and attention, asking to become a part of someone’s life without wanting to share too much of yourself or your flaws in return”.

Described as an Americana-folk symbiosis, Violetta’s sound has in ‘Oasis’ an Italian touch. Her gentle, genuine whisperer and touching voice is an example that sometimes you don’t have to make noise to be heard. On YouTube and Spotify you can listen also her Italian songs, but I think the best are the English ones.

Violetta and I are both Italian and with the same age. I love her sound and I admire her determination to become an international songwriter of success. She started singing from a little town in Italy and now her music is played worldwide.

Tell me a story but leave out the truth
Show me your heart and no more of you
You say that you’re happy but I wouldn’t know
For sure

Give me your word only to take it all back
You know you’re free to cut and run and no strings attached
I’ll say that I’m happy but you wouldn’t know
For sure

Be my oasis and I’ll be yours
Leave the desert at the door
We’ll be wandering no more
Cause we’re safe at the oasis

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