GAZELGazel gave us a rundown of what her new album was going to entail with an intimate show at London St. Pancras’ Old Church.

UK/Turkish singer-songwriter Gazel has just released the acoustic video for ‘Pointing At The Moon’ and draws us into her genre-bending and Middle Eastern sound inspired from her roots. Her music, a unique blend of Middle Eastern, electronica, pop, and folk, makes her really stand out with lots of potential as an emerging talent. Her philosophical references are something that really separates her as a unique artist and make me really excited for her debut release.

Gazel’s performance was at the rather small St. Pancras Old Church which was nearly full with only around 60-70 people. Her show was really exciting with a great visual and light show that only seemed appropriate for a stadium. Having such a powerful light show in the church was really striking and the venue was a good choice. The lights really helped the songs develop by accenting slower or faster movements or by helping the songs build with lights getting brighter or faster.

Her band was top notch with stand out performances on drums and keyboard. The drums sounded amazing in the tall ceiling church which allowed for some lovely natural reverb. The only downside was her set reaching only around 35 minutes and left me wanting more.

Her debut should be highly anticipated. Gazel’s ability to genre-bend in the pop arena is something that’s been missing for a while and could really make her a stand out artist. Her tracks are brilliant musically and interesting lyrically with her songs winding through characters and plots related to the album. Gazel’s album will be released later this year, so keep an eye out.

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